Knitted Bag of Spring (pattern and sewing guide)
Knitted Bag of Spring (pattern and sewing guide)
Knitted Bag of Spring (pattern and sewing guide)
Knitted Bag of Spring (pattern and sewing guide)
Knitted Bag of Spring (pattern and sewing guide)
Knitted Bag of Spring (pattern and sewing guide)

Knitted Bag of Spring (pattern and sewing guide)

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(English pattern)

Knitted bag of spring is an excellent project for any leftover yarns, as you only need small amounts from your stash and a few nights of knitting. Go wild with glitter and other specialty yarns or keep your bag entirely simple and unicoloured.

The overall impression and size will change depending on your chosen yarn(s). Use the bag to keep anything from make-up to your child’s hair ties to knitting gadgets - or use it as a cute everyday clutch, you can bring under your arm when meeting your friends for a cup of coffee.

The pattern suggests two different versions of Knitted bag of spring, where only the closure at the top differs. One is shaped like a wallet or clutch, where the other version is boxy and more spacious. Have a look at the photos and see, which version you would like to knit.

Despite the delicate leafy pattern at the front of the bag, the bag is an easy knit and the pattern includes both a diagram and written instructions round for round, so anyone can join in.

The bag is worked from the bottom up, where you first work the bottom and the rest in the round, meaning there is little need for finishing.

At the end, you will find a complete guide for sewing in the lining and zip.



Onesize (The size of the bag depends on the chosen yarn and needle size. Choose a fine yarn for a small wallet or a chunky yarn for a bigger bag. See the different examples of knitted bags in the text box.


Work a gauge swatch in the chosen yarn and decide if you need to size up or down the needle. I recommend working the bag a bit tighter than normal, so the bag is sturdier and not too floppy.

Suggested needles

Circular needles with a wire of 40 eller 60 cm [24 or 32 inches] (the size of the needles depends on your yarn).

  • For the wallet version: The entire bag is worked on the same needles with exception of the i-cord edge, where you will size down one size, so the opening pulls together a bit.


Find yarn in your stash

Other materials

  • Closed end zip, which fits the length of the bag opening
  • Fabric for lining
  • Matching sewing thread for the lining and zip


The given gauge is after washing and drying flat, and measured in 10 * 10 cm [4 * 4 inches]. All the bags were worked on 7mm [US 10.5] needles.

Creme bag in hand dyed yarn

Two strands of Merino Singles from, 13 sts * 26 rows, 112 g, measurements of the bag: 19 * 28 cm [7.5 * 11 inches]

Caramel coloured bag

Two strands of COMO from Lamana, 15 sts * 26 rows, 53 g, measurements of the bag: 18 * 27 cm [7 * 10.5 inches]

Light yellow bag

One strand of Tilia and one strand of Peruvian Highland from Filcolana, 15 sts * 28 rows, 68 g, measurements of the bag: 17 * 28 cm [6.5 * 11 inches]